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The Canadian National Congress is a newly formed federal political party that was conceived in September 2016 and is based in the Durham Region of Southern Ontario. Its formation was the result of what are widely considered to be the misguided direction and policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government. Our formation was also influenced by the recent change of direction and position of the Conservative Party of Canada as evidenced by the current leadership contest.

The Canadian National Congress is a political party representing the people of Canada who are concerned that their will is being ignored by our dominant polictical parties, the Liberals and Conservatives. The Canadian National Congress is committed to Canadian sovereignty, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Government of the people by the people for the people.

The Canadian National Congress will achieve this mandate by adopting the policies and positions that are derived from what we believe to be the best of the political "left" and "right" with the end result being a sensible and cohesive framework to see Canada into the future!

Although our website is currently under construction, we have provided a brief overview of what we believe to be the main challenges that Canadians are facing. More detail along with our proposed solutions for these challenges, along with other areas of government are available in our guidelines document "The Need For Change", which can be downloaded below. Please note that this document is updated often as we continue to consult with Canadians and expand our various policy positions.

We invite you to register with us so that we can keep you informed of our progress and also help to put you in touch with like minded people in your area!

Our Vision for Canada

The vision of the Canadian National Congress is to return government to being a servant of the people, not its master. Government must empower and enable while being an instrument for the people and it should never become an obstacle.

We envision a Canada whereby government:

  • accepts the fact that we are Canadians first
  • accepts the fact that Canada is a sovereign nation state with inherent freedoms and liberties
  • accepts the fact that Canada has a rich and vibrant culture that is original and uniquely Canadian
  • always acts in the best interests of all Canadians in every province/territory
  • always tackles issues head on with reasoned purpose and singular conviction.
  • returns the power to the people concerning matters of social conscience and morality
  • return to the ideals where people are accountable for their actions
  • return to the ideals where a difference of opinion isn’t considered a hate crime, but a chance to learn from the perspective of others.
  • return to the ideals where groups of people aren’t special or have additional rights and privilege over someone else.
  • return to the ideals where the meaning of equality is "equality of opportunity" and not "equality of results"

To achieve our vision a marked change of how government works today will be required. Specifically, the current paradigm must be shifted from the singular, whereby the citizens only real interaction with the democratic process is on voting day, to a duality whereby the citizens not only interact on voting day but also directly interact on matters that are deemed to be part of the social fabric.

This duality could be described as two foundational pillars which support all government actions. The first would be government by policy and the second would be government by society.

Canada's Domestic Challenges

Canada is a great country! There is no other way of saying it. Canadian culture is rich, vibrant and firmly rooted in all aspects of personal freedoms and liberties. During its long history, Canada has garnered an impressive reputation for being a sensible nation that offers it citizens opportunity, freedom and a unique sense of community and purpose. This reputation has been earned by successive generations of hardworking Canadians that have made our country what it is today.

To keep Canada moving forward in a way that is sustainable we must always evaluate what we are doing in context of its purpose and effect. Put another way, we need to fix things that are broken and change other areas that no longer serve the interests of the country and its people. Sometimes the problem or issue is acute and the change required is small and can be implemented easily. However, sometimes those problems are systemic and the resulting changes required can be overwhelming and disruptive.

We believe that there are many issues facing Canadians today and most of those issues will have a specific and profound impact on their daily lives. Opinions vary as to the root cause, but what doesn’t vary is the belief that these systems and policies must be corrected to ensure the long term viability of Canada for future generations.

Although there are many areas of challenge, we believe the following eight represent the largest challenges that we face in Canada:

Our EconomyOur EnvironmentOur Aging PopulationOur Social Fabric
Our YouthOur Ability to SpeakOur Provincial RelationshipsOur National Apathy

None of these challenges are insurmountable if the government has courage of conviction and begins to take a longer term pragmatic view of its policies measured against what is in the best interests of the people - not government or politicians.

Our First Mandate

The following activities will constitute our first mandate to form government:

  • Repeal anything introduced by John McCallum or Maryam Monsef
  • Repeal all aspects of Bill C-16 (Gender Pronouns / Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code)
  • Repeal all aspects of Bill C-27 (Pension Benefits Standards Act)
  • Repeal the Carbon Tax (if implemented by the Liberals)
  • Enact our full policy for Veterans.
  • Enact our full policy for MP Ethics.
  • Enact our full policy for CBC Reform.
  • Enact our full policy for Indigenous Peoples.
  • Enact our full policy for Government Oversight.
  • Enact our full policy for Technology & Research.
  • Enact our full policy for Judicial Peer Review.
  • Begin public consultations on Agenda 21.
  • Begin public consultations on Canada's role in the UN.


As a means to help up identify the priorities of Canadians and to ensure we are doing what the rights things, from time to time we will have a poll on our website. The poll will typically be on a topic that important to either Canadians or to how The Canadian National Congress proceeds on certain topics.

Current Poll

In our guidelines document, we put forth what we believe to be the main 8 challenges that Canada faces. Out of those 8, which do you think is the most important?
Our Ability to SpeakOur Aging Population
Our EconomyOur Environment
Our National ApathyOur Provincial Relationships
Our Social FabricOur Youth

Upcoming Events

The Canadian National Congress currently has no events planned. However please register with us so that we can keep you informed of new events as they become available.


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Strong membership is vital to our success and without it we will not be able to become registered as a political party and run candidates in the upcoming 2019 federal election. Joining us as a member is a way to give people the option of voting for someone other than the major parties.

What Our Members Receive

  1. A quarterly Member's Newsletter from our executive which will inform you about what's been happening in the party.
  2. Invitations to special events including Party Conferences and discounts at some functions.
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What is different about the Canadian National Congress?

We believe the Canadian National Congress is different for the following reasons:

  • The party embraces ideals from all viewpoints.
  • The policies have been created with public input.
  • The people decide social norms, not the government.
  • The party is grassroots and is reflective of the people.
  • The policies are in the best interest of the people.
  • A return to what government was meant to be.

When/Why was the Canadian National Congress Formed?

The Canadian National Congress was conceived and formed in September 2016 as an alternative to the mainstream parties that have dominated Canadian politics and governments since Confederation and whom we don't beleive represent the people of Canada.

Is the Canadian National Congress an Official Party?

As of December 10, 2016 the Canadian National Congress has not attained official party status with Elections Canada. We are however, working to meet the requirements to become eligible. The Canadian National Congress will only attain official party status when it runs candidates in the next general election.

Why not make an existing party better?

We thought about doing that, but we quickly discovered that would be an insurmountable challenge. The Liberals and Conservatives are very entrenched in the way they do things and there is little room for 'outsiders' who wish to make the types of changes we are proposing as we would spending much time and energy trying to gain consensus rather then effecting the change we believe Canadians want.

Why is this important?

Government is the largest organization in a given country and everything that a government does has some impact on you. Sometimes that impact is small and somteimes it's large, but there is always an impact. We believe that everyone should take an active interest and get involved and understand what government is doing and how the policies of government impact them and the country.

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